Q: Are LED lighting systems more expensive than traditional halogen systems?

A: In most instances an LED system will cost less LESS to install, operate, and maintain than traditional halogen systems for the following reasons:

  • Installation:  New wiring techniques have been adopted for LED lighting which bring initial installation costs down. 
  • Maintenance : LEDs last more than 10X longer than the traditional halogen bulbs. 
  • Materials:  LEDs eliminate the need for larger gauge wire & larger transformers. A 300 watt transformer can only power between 5- 12 halogen lights, but that same 300 watt transformer can power up to 70 LED lights
  • Power Consumption: LED's pull less power than halogen bulbs which in turn lowers your electric consumption and cost of operation.

Q:  Will the lights stay on all night long?

A: Your lights will come on automatically when the sun goes down, and will turn off at what ever time you please. We can also install override switches for your safety and convenience. The control system that we have developed uses a combination of of timers, photocells, switches, and is even compatible with most smartphones.  The sky is the limit here at NORTHERN when it  comes to lighting controls

Q: Can  you install / change lights that are installed high up in the trees?

A: Yes, we have a full-time tree climber/ electrician on staff.

Q:  How can we have accomplish a sense of security without looking like an Airport Runway or Las Vegas?

A: If  designed and installed in the right fashion outdoor lights will simultaneously provide your friends and family with the security you need as well as the esthetic beauty that you desire.

Q: How long do you warranty your work for?

A: All newly installed projects are  guaranteed for one year. Additional manufacturers' warranties apply.

Q: We already have purchased lights, will you still install them?

A: Yes, we will install any lights that you have previously purchased.